2018 16th Street Studios Open House


OKeefe_Dreaming In Public_still_web.jpg

Peter O’Keefe,
OKPete Productions

Studio 2574 - 2nd Floor


Peter O’Keefe is an award winning writer and filmmaker who has written, produced and directed hundreds of commercials, marketing videos, industrials and educational videos.Peter has worked in episodic television and feature films in New York, Los Angeles, and Germany. His narrative short films have screened at a variety of film festivals and other venues and his documentary about visual artists in the Midwest, “Dreaming In Public, Making Art In the Real World”, was awarded a Midwest/Chicago Emmy. His short stories have appeared in literary and online journals.


Samira Gdisis

Studio 2555 - 2nd Floor

Printmaking and Mixed Media

Prints and other artwork inspired by people, life experiences and pretty clothes.

Instagram: @samira_gdisis




Studio 3562 - 3rd Floor

Acrylic Painting

Sarah K. Andersen’s paintings offer a fresh view of the landscape through her intuitive use of color and gestural brush strokes.

I am continually drawn to nature and inspired by the shapes and colors found in the landscape. The play of colors, when mixed directly on the canvas, evoke an atmospheric mood and is the strength of my work. Knowing my paintings awaken the viewers’ emotions connected to their own memories of time in a particular place gives me great satisfaction.



Studio 3542 - 3rd Floor

Photography / Digital Illustration

Trace has served clients nationally and globally by bringing their brands and value propositions to life artistically. He has won multiple awards for his design creativity and expertise. His graphic design company has also provided him the privilege to work side by side with fine artists, helping them to establish and grow their brands globally. It is this work that has ignited a passion in Trace to focus on creating his own original art.

Primarily working in digital illustration and photography, Trace’s works not only a reflects his creativity and design skill, they are a reflection of his experiences, his surroundings, and his passions. They tell intriguing stories, much like he does.

Instagram: @3Tracer


Greg Helding

Studio 3610 - 3rd Floor

Oil on canvas and Encaustic mixed media

Contemporary / Modern Painting with strong color palette.

I’ve been making art for over 20 years, beginning with pastels. Started renting a space at 16th street studios in 2004 so I could oil paint. I use personal themes and images to create my work. The topics and images I use tend to repeat and overlap from one series to another. The same can be said for my color palette. To me, color is just as important, if not more, than composition.


Juli Janovicz

Studio 3597 - 3rd Floor

Watercolor, pencil, crayon, acrylic, etc.

Expressive botanical watercolor paintings

I am fascinated by precise botanical drawing and its expressive counterpart. Flowers have a language. I use watercolor or acrylic paint and make marks with a variety of medium: charcoal, graphite, crayon and colored pencils to translate the language of flowers to paper. My botanical paintings are my interpretation of what is seen and what can’t be explained. That every viewer interprets paintings differently continues to be one of the inexplicable mysteries of art.

Instagram: @julijanovicz

johns_christopher_torso trunk #89_web.jpg

Chris Johns

Studio 3607 - 3rd Floor

Mixed media works on paper or oil on canvas

My work is concerned with an abstracted torso like shape.

In my paintings I use a torso like form as a vehicle to play color against line and form. The work is about the similarities of shape between the human torso and the trunk of a tree. Both of which share similar visual qualities. One of the largest concerns in my work is the surface of the piece. My intention is to build a rich visual surface through the interrelationship of different materials. These materials can include: gouache, ink, acrylic paint, charcoal, graphite and/or conte. The smallest works on paper also include elements of collage.


Marilyn Kemp

Studio 3564 - 3rd Floor


Useful vessels that can also be objects of contemplation.

Having a studio at 16th Street is a return to a previous lifetime for Marilyn Kemp. During the 70’s and 80’s she worked as a functional potter, showing in galleries and participating in art shows in Illinois and Wisconsin. In 1982 she received an MFA from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago, and her work expanded to other media, becoming conceptual rather than functional. Eventually she left the art world and began a business career. After retiring from that career, the urge to create again demanded to be heard. At present, she is focusing on the vessel form, using her skills as a potter to create tall pots and ceramic baskets that can be both useful and objects of contemplation.


Diane Levesque

Studio 3544 - 3rd Floor

Acrylic & watercolor

Diane Levesque's energized portrayals of colorful and decorative things amplifies the implied violence and sexuality of material culture objects while divesting them of their original quaint aura and sentimentality.

Complexity of form and color the shifts between object and decorative pattern within my work is a source of joy to me. I hope to uncover meaning in various forms by sharing my fascinations with things unusual, beautiful, strange, dark, light, uncanny, familiar, wise and foolish. There is satisfaction that comes from understanding life’s complexities that enlarges a way of living, seeing and feeling by which we gain knowledge and insight into ourselves and the world we live in.

In my current work,The Penny Dreadful Series, I have been researching the history of the Staffordshire potteries working conditions from 1810-1835 and the themes of the Staffordshire figurines that reflected common lower class idealized pastimes and some rather horrific contemporaneous events such as infamous murders, notorious law breakers, hangings, mauling by lions and tigers, and animal baiting/ fights. These pretty and often gaudily colored objects sold as mantelpiece decorations commemorating and were the equivalent of three-dimensional “penny dreadfuls”satisfying the need of pre-Victorian and Victorian tastes for sensationalism in the public imagination. Many of these figures seem to simplify and disguise the actual living conditions of the working poor during this time, yet they were very popular with middle class consumers. My paintings reconfigure these figure groups by exaggerating the implied violence and sexuality of the themes through the amplification of the gaudiness and randomness of both the application of color and decorative motifs. I also removed the quaint aura and sentimentality of the original figures. My intent is to utilize the trope of the material culture critique as a form of social commentary in art.

Instagram: @dianelevesque6546


Carlotta Miller

Studio 3548 - 3rd Floor


One Line Description:

My transparent watercolors have an almost print-like quality.

My focus over the years has been mainly printmaking and watercolor. I’m drawn to the process of making prints and the spontaneity of watercolors. Hence, I currently find myself using watercolor in an almost print-like quality. This process has allowed me to develop an affinity for the intriguing results of poured watercolor. As I explore this process and the discipline needed in using a limited palette, I continue to be surprised by the randomness of transparent watercolor.

Neubauer_Life is Brutiful_web.jpg

Crystal Marie Neubauer

Studio 3630 - 3rd Floor

Collage Mixed Media

I seek to create a dialogue around the issue of self worth, identity, and the perception of human value through the use of salvaged materials in my work.

Crystal Neubauer seeks to create a dialogue around the issues of self worth, identity, and the perception of human value through the use of salvaged and found objects, old books, packaging material, and the every day detritus normally viewed as trash. She sees these items as a metaphor for our lives and seeks to bring them together in a way that opens the viewer to a deeper experience of an overarching theme of personal redemption – where every part of who you are is embraced and nurtured as important to the whole. Whether rendered in a 3-dimensional assemblage fashion, or a 2D picture plane, her fascination begins with found papers. She calls her process intuitive, but it all boils down to learning to trust and open herself to the voice inside; the one that can guide creative decisions and bring about a much richer work of art.

Crystal is the 2018 recipient of the RAM Artist Fellowship, with a featured solo show at the Wustum Museum of Fine Arts in August of 2019. Her work is represented in Seattle, Scottsdale, and Chicago. Crystal has authored a book on the art of collage, teaches workshops nationwide, and seeks to educate and elevate the perception of collage as a fine art medium.

Instagram: @crystalmarieneubauer


Susan M. Sorenson

Studio 3640 (Stones & Bones) - 3rd Floor

Mixed Media

I am a 2D mixed media artist with my studio in the Racine Business Center, 16th Street, Racine, WI. For the last 14 years I have included collage into my mixed media work, making for improvisation and visual extensions of the poetic impulse.

My work has been shown in juried and invitational shows throughout Wisconsin and has received many awards, also is represented in Racine Art Museum’s Permanent Collection, Golda Meir Special Collections UW-Milwaukee Library and many private collections.

Instagram: @smssorenson


Marilyn Ward

Studio 3615 (Storybook Studio) - 3rd Floor


Dollhouses inspired by children's literature.

The dollhouses represent Dr. Seuss, Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Mary Poppins, Pinocchio, and more. I am Professor of Education and Director of the Center for Children's Literature at Carthage College.


Jeannette White

Studio 3612 - 3rd Floor

Medium-watercolor and oil

Paintings that capture emotion.

Jeannette studied in Chicago at both the Art Institute and the Terra Museum of Modern Art. She received a MA from St. Xavier University in Chicago an a BA in art education from Mount Mary University in Milwaukee.

As she pursued the teaching of art, she also worked on her own painting career.

As a 16th Street Studio Artist, she enjoys painting figurative subjects in scenes from daily life. Light tints of color are applied to the painting surface to achieve a softened effect. Depth is created by layering darker values. Through the use of color and value, her paintings portray sensitive emotions.




Studio 4627 (Fortress of Solitude) - 4th Floor West

Painting/ Drawing

Jerry makes paintings and drawings, often in a humorous vein.
Jerry Belland is an artist, illustrator, and author. His latest book, "Donald Trump: The First Hundred Years", is a book of cartoons and humorous illustrations which were done during the President Trump's first year in office. He has also created an award-winning series of paintings and drawings titled "Memorial Drive Journal", which is a realistic attempt to capture life on Memorial Drive in Racine as observed from his daily trip to his studio.

Instagram: @fetchedgrass



Studio 4638 - 4th Floor West

Oil painter and visual artist.

Rebecca is inspired by light and its power to influence our perception of color and dimension, driving her to reimagine images of flowers as large-scale oil paintings many times larger than they appear in real life. The large format serves to draw out the complexity of color and interplay of light through the layering of the oil paint, highlighting the intricate vasculature of leaves and clusterings of petals made brilliant by the filtered sun.

1. Fritchen_Maureen_Out of Place #35_web.jpg

Maureen Fritchen

Studio 4557 - 4th Floor West

Mix media

Mix media abstractions using found materials.

In search of equilibrium through asymmetrical compositions, material, pattern and texture are explored. I work intuitively using a reductive process to simplify forms, minimize activity and reduce tension. Working on multiple pieces simultaneously allows me to stay relatively detached, thus avoid the predictable from happening. This reductive process encourages experimentation and is conducive to accidental outcomes.

Instagram: @maureenfritchen


Bradford Lee

Studio 4554 (Studio 3-D)- 4th Floor West

Stone Sculpting

A stone sculptor for 25 years, Brad works in alabaster, limestone, and soapstone. His inspiration come the stone itself, surroundings, dreams, and God. featured on Fox 6, Brad’s pieces are in numerous collections. He teaches in his studio.


Maria Lee

Studio 4640 (Wildfire Studio) - 4th Floor West

Oil Painting, Acrylic, Mixed Medium

Predominately an oil painter of representational art, cityscape, landscape, and period pieces. Member of Oil Painters of America. Maria’s oils are in homes locally, nationally, and internationally. Currently experimenting in new mediums.

Prince_Parise_Window 18x24_web.jpg

Prince Parise

Studio 4617 - 4th Floor West

Mixed Media

My work can be described as a genuine attempt at creating art.

Prince Parise is a violently colorful mild-hearted misanthrope. He works as a professional tattoo artist out of Talulah Tattoo in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Instagram: @princepariseart
Instagram: @princeparisetattoo


Bob Schnack

Studio 4556 - 4th Floor West


I photograph what interests me and I hope interests others as well

Instagram: @007RWS

Dan Simoneau - I Dream with Powerful Vision - 24 x 24 inches - Acrylic on Canvas_web.jpg

Dan Simoneau

Studio 4558 - 4th Floor West

Acrylic and Watercolor Paintings (www.dsimoneau.com)

Photography (www.point-of-view-imagery.com)

Statement: The effect of light on objects and atmosphere inspires me. The main subject in all of my figurative paintings and photography is light and its effect on the objects in the image.

New this year! Abstract acrylic paintings!

Instagram: @dansimoneauisapnws


Jim Tavenese

Studio 4555 - 4th Floor West

Photography – Film & Digital

Making pretty little pictures.


Maggie Venn

Studio 4635 - 4th Floor West

Acrylic, mixed media, collage

Maggie Venn delights in working with a great sense of freedom. It is with this freedom she finds a connection with memory and feeling. She uses a density of torn materials that illustrates emotional connections and her often exploratory aesthetic.

Instagram: @maggievenn