Building Maps

The Racine Arts & Business Center is large old factory building which can be a bit confusing to find your way around. These maps will help give you a general idea of the layout. When in doubt stop in the office which is on the first floor at the 1405 16th Street entrance. 

The main entrances for the building are from 16th Street at the 1405 entrance, and the 1515 entrance (look for the tan canopy for each.) Each entrance has a stairwell which will get you to each floor. The 1405 entrance is the only entrance with a passenger elevator. Please note that you can not access the 3rd floor artists studios from the passenger elevator or the stairs at the 1405 entrance. 

Downloadable and printable PDF coming soon!


On-street parking is available on 16th Street but do pay attention to the parking signs for times allowed. We also have a parking lot across the street from our building and next to the train tracks. There is some parking in back in reserved spots which do not have a name on them, or you can park in the far back gravel section. 

First Floor - Racine Arts & Business Center

Second Floor - Racine Arts & Business Center

Third Floor - Racine Arts & Business Center

Fourth Floor - Racine Arts & Business Center

Public Restroom Locations on each floor